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  • Will the free trial expire after 30 days without automatic renewal?
  • Is everthing on my LinguLab account safe, secure and password-protected?
  • Is LinguLab available as extension for CMS systems (TYPO3, Wordpress, Contao)?
  • Can I work with LinguLab directly in Microsoft Word / Microsoft Office?
  • Will I love LinguLab?
  • Is LinguLab scientifically proven?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You test LinguLab absolutely risk free. The free trial expires automatically 30 days after its activation. There is no automatic renewal. You want to have access to all features of LinguLab? Choose your favorite account at any time.
The minimum term for the Start, Plus and Premium accounts is 12 months. The minimum term for the API access is 6 months. Your contract ends automatically and there is no automatic renewal.
It is not possible to switch to an account with less analysis.
You conduct an "evaluation" by evaluating your text with LinguLab. Every click on "evaluate text" represents one evaluation.

The more you work with LinguLab, the more consciously you will write: Even while you are writing, you notice problematic phrases
Evaluations you don't use will expire at the end of a billing month.
Yes! LinguLab calculates the difference between your existing and desired account. We calculate the month in which you switch on a pro-rata basis.